Devan Hendricks a young and gay inspiring male from Ocean View ,is a dancer and model who always strives the be his best self ,he is a true believer in being true to his unique self.

His passion behind what he does comes from a deeply rooted desire to empower and encourage the younger generation to become who and what they aspire to be. Devan has been dancing since primary school ,started off with a hip hop group called “The Gems” where they performed at schools and church functions.

In high school he joined contemporary classes run and directed by Teva Scarborough ,and did dance as a subject until matric, he then progressed with the help of Teva Scarborough to study performing arts at a private college ,Devan is currently now a performer at the Core entertainment directed by Tracy Lee Thomas. Devan Hendricks creative process as a dancer requires him to sit with a piece of music and analytically listen to it before coming up with a concept. He then brainstorms ideas of what the end product will be and during the process he conceptualize a name!

”This provides a structure and a outlining plot for my choreography and from there I simply create”

Devan highlights an accomplishment which is while studying he had the popular to travel with the college to showcase young and talented performing artists .Those who inspire Devan are the younger generation who strives amidst all odds to improve there quality of life. ”I myself am a living proof of a young cultured boy coming from a underprivileged background, striving relentlessly for a better future”, Mr Hendricks mentions .

The message he tries to convey through dance is that it is a powerful, universal medium of expression and he hopes to be instrumental in generating more opportunities for young coloured/black individuals to make them believe in themselves and prove to themselves that they are not defined by their circumstances.

Devan’s advice to the youth of his community is to have faith in yourself and to trust the process to becoming successful takes time, as the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”.

Written by: Rushan Kiel