King David also known as “Plofstof” is well known for his rapping and music producing. Mr David’s has been writing since 2001 ,he has been writing verses and hasn’t been directly released within the year, he then recorded and  released his first song in 2007,which wasn’t good quality but made the end result work.

King David has a big passion for what he does only because it runs in his blood, its to express and spreading positive vibrations ,but its also to motivate his youth and speak about everyday life trying to put frustration ,happiness and all the kinds of emotions, into words and writing it down and try making sense of it. The creative process while making music is from scratch , he does all by himself and there is  different ways to create every song, sometimes he will listen to a beat and it automatically speaks to his soul and that’s how the words would come to his head. Sometimes he will have words in his head pre mediate it and seek a beat that will suit the particular concept. And from there his bars and lines will just follow, David mentions,

“Anything can spark a creative influence in a song it varies from everyday life,  to experiences to what you’ve heard whether its good or bad its just how you portray that particular situation and every song is being created through honest every day life”.

The message he tries to convey through his music, is something positive and that it wont always be colourful and glittery because at the same time his trying to express his self and the expressions sometimes differ, So he always try to provide a platform where he can show the youth that there is different platforms they can tap into ,not just all the gangsterism and drugs but that there is also positive things you can do such as soccer, netball and all the physical activities .so the platform he provides with music is a break away an escape where you can feel and express yourself and not to think about what the next person has to say about himself ,he also like to show people how to deal with situations and that there is so many ways to step out of any circumstance you are facing.

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One of his accomplishments  that stood out for him beyond everything ,is when one of a Ocean View Secondary senior student , asked if she could do a report on one of his albums he dropped in 2009.It was a project where they had to go and do research on the specific person and how it impacted her and on her life journey, that for him was a big accomplishment not because of money or fame but because it impacted a high school student to the sense where she felt she could write about it and actually got vey good grades for it.

.”It was something very close to my heart and very unique something you don’t hear about everyday and for me that was the most outstanding accomplishment for me thus far”.

There are very local artists, international artists that inspires him, but most of it is his everyday people, people he is always surrounded by, family friends and people that can relate to his story such as the poverty and the hustle within the community.

‘’To loose is the closets step to victory, you cannot win if you don’t try and if you do loose it’s the closet step cause when you loose you learn, when you fall you should always rise up and fall”.

David also advises the youth that in every negative situation there is something positive you can take out from that , take what you need and brush off what is negative that comes towards you and only take the positive side of life , and without a negative there cannot be a positive , believe in yourself and trust in your abilities because if you don’t do it know one else will:

‘’We all are capable of doing anything if we put our minds to it , we all are kings an queens”.

Written By: Rushan Kiel