DJ GAKKIE Naiam Van Rooi best known as DJ Gakkie got his start as far back as 2005 /2006. Although he was underage at the time, the owner of an event allowed him to play his set as he was known to be brilliant at his craft. Being a DJ opened him up to experiencing platforms within music such as producing, making beats, rapping and entertaining.

Being a hardworking person, DJ Gakkie is one of the pioneers in Cape Town that brings MC’s together for collaborations, MC’s who have never worked together before and together they create magic. His most notable achievements have been winning a DJ competition in 2012 and in this year, he received his certificate as a Pioneer DJ.

Together with Vlaktes, they are business partners running a record label namely Sllangcorp. He currently has two mixtapes out, Sllangcorp Generals and He’s Notice EP.