KinGDavid783 aka Plofstof is a MC from Ocean View 783..

Started his hip hop journey In 2001.
His crew back then was The “4CORNERS”
Being mentored by guys like NiZearl, Trigga (r. i. p)

Back then he was Only known as “Deej”
At the time 4CORNERS was the only active rap crew in OV783 doing various shows in and Outside OV

His 1st big stage was the Michells plain festival..

“Welcome 2 the Underground” Album was one of the 1st solid projects Plofstof was featured on along with various Artists from Ocean view..

2009 Plofstof released his 1st Solo project titled ‘Reborn’ produced by Elroy Van Wyk..
Featuring guys like Trigga(r.i.p)  Rowdy, NiZearl & YoungTerra.

“783HHM” brought OV artists 2 gathered and formed what we have now..

&Penbroes was formed in 2011 : Vlaktes, Ystertong, Spinnekop & Plofstof.. Dropping one of the hostest albums titled “Ink is Dikker as water” prod by Elroy Van Wyk.. They went on stage with some of the greats such as Isaac Mutant, Dj Roach, RealRozzano, Jaak (Rip), Hemelbesem, SkarrelBaan, siep, Jean piere,  flow motion and many many more..

Penbroes was a household name @best of ekapa,
Rocked stages in the Baxter Theatre, hip hop indaba & Woelag only to name a few..

Plofstof went on dropping single after single.. Featuring with various artists… He released solo projects prod by Vlaktes (SLLANGCORP)in 2013-2014 The rise of KinGDavid mixtape. The scale of King David album.. Ft Isaac Mutant, Imie vanie delft

Hip hop saved him and changed his lifestyle, the way he think and made him understand more the values of life in a ghetto where the weak Parrish.. Hip hop made him stronger
Hip hop made him a KING in his way of thinking.. And that King became Plofstof (Explosive)

Now a member of Broederbond, 783HHM, still representing 4CNRS…
And running KINGSIZE recording studio.. Thanks to hip hop
Plofstof and Spinnekop has been Broese for a good few years now and it started when penbroes was formed That they decided to work 2 gather once more on a project. This time a Album titled “JOURNEY deurie Konkreit JUNGLE” prod by KINGSIZE, one of the most relevant Albums to date.. Touching on life in the Concrete Jungle an the struggle we face day 2 day. Plofstof & Spinnekop been performing for the last year or two now.. And the light up a stage till today..

Also working on a new Collaboration album that’s due to drop in a few months.

KinGDavid783/Plofstof is running a Recoding studio from his home “KINGSIZE Recording Studio” where he help and develop Young artists in the community, Recording, producing and publishing their music..
He help the Youths better their Musical talents and skills..
Other Than music KinGDavid783 is also doing soccer coaching in the community..
And teaching Youths basic life skills.

To Reach KinGDavid783 :

Whatsapp: 0618655914

Instagram : Kingdavid783

Facebook : David Plofstof deej

Facebook page: DavidKing783


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