Na-aim Van Rooi also known as Dj Gakkie, creates music, produces music as well as remixes it. He enjoys what he does whether it is creating sound or bringing a good vibe.

Im basically the energy sparker.”

It brings him joy when he sees the youth interacting to his music, its on a variety of platforms making it easier for everyone to access his music. His bigger purpose is to teach the youth more about his musicĀ  to broaden their minds about it. Hip Hop is go to genre of music because he listens to a variety of music.

The people that inspired him to be who is today, are the 783 squad who is situated in Ocean View. His creativity comes naturally when he feels the hype of his content and the energy as well. For his future plans of 2023 he has new content he wants to produce as well, has a gig on the 3rd of February 2023, which he will be performing on Noordhoek field with Dj Anthol.

Written By: JP Davids