iNethi is a community-owned wireless network in Ocean View. The network is a collaborative project with members of the Ocean View Community and the Computer Science Department at UCT. The network is entirely owned by OVCOMM Dynamic (which consists of members of the community) – a fully community-owned network cooperative that WAS launched at the end of 2018. Currently, OVCOMM has rolled out 10 access points in the community where members of the community can access the iNethi network.

“For the people, by the people”

Why iNethi?

Internet access is not affordable for most township users due to the high cost of cellular network data packages.
Also, the lack of alternative low-cost connectivity (public Wi-Fi only limited to certain hotspots).

iNethi enables: the community to build and own their community network to create and develop their own local content. E.g. Music, videos, art, etc that showcases the communities cultural believes, etc, and share it in the community it is also a platform for the community to connect, for businesses, schools, and organizations to advertise, issue notices, create billboards, for learners to access their schoolwork, etc. it’s an online resource that the community can access free of charge and with no data cost implications.

For more information please visit: | for the iNethi Splash Page to see the content.