Dancing refers to a series of movements to music which we can either do alone or with a partner!

Since the earliest times dance has been a part of our human history therefore dancing aids us to express our feelings as well as keep active!

When we mention dance we usually refer to a professional dancer, and that perception is wrong! Dance comes naturally to anyone and everyone!

when i think of dance the word “united” pops in my head as it helps us come together to celebrate joy and express our feelings, thererfore we should all be dancing without a care in the wolrd!

Dance impacts your life in so many positive ways, with extra dance lessons you can not only feel confident yet be comfortable in your skin! It is important to understand that when you let go of yourself in dance only then you will truly enjoy it!

Devan Maxwell Hendricks getting ready to perform

Do not be afraid to take that first step into using your body to express yourself, everything will become much easier in due time. Therefore we must always dance our hearts out and let our body move to the rhythm of the music!

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Written by Rushan Kiel