Enigma BoomTrapQueen was born in the Eastern Cape South Africa and grew up in King William’s Town (Qonce). From a young age she was noticed for her drama, and poetry skills. At 18, when she came to Cape Town, she entered the music industry and started a career that she entered the music industry and started a career that she is pursuing with growing success.

“Haibo” is the 1st single from her upcoming EP “In my Feels”. The song portrays the unfortunate journey of many females today, succumbing into easy temptations because of underprivledged circumstances.

The song is inspired by her everyday stories and life experiences, rubbing shoulders with females and males trying to take shortcuts. Or just friends that would sleep with men for an iPhone or a weave just to stay relevant and look glamorous on social media.

The hook “lomntana ugcwel ibygones, ufuna namabacons” refers to a young girl, hoping for the soft life, amidst the hardship. Her parents are not pleased with her ways and approach to life. She is getting involved with the wrong crowd and struggles with anxiety and substance abuse. The track self-reflection of Enigma’s past, and who she could have become, when the devil was talking to her, tempting her throw her life away (verse 2)

But Enigma resisted. She has been finding herself, listening to that inner voice who told her that her dreams are valid. Seeing herself as a winner to turn her life around. A positive mind to be the person she is today, and proudly so. This song encourages everyone not to take a short route in life despite the circumstances. The artist likes to say: ” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

  • Haibo
  • Written by Enigma BoomTrapQueen
  • Composed by Tyler Tonic Nkwalase
  • Recorded and mixed by LaSoul Studio
    Mastered by Cosher Recording Studios
  • Published by D’versCT