It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write this final goodbye to you our dear friend Esau.

I am usually one with an abundance of words but not this time my friend, it pains me with every word I try to write because I know no matter what I write your physical presence won’t be here to acknowledge any of these words, yet we as your friends believe that you deserve not to be forgotten but to embrace and share the part of you that you left with each of us.

After first hearing of your passing everyone was in shock, till today I myself am still in disbelief, we all could not help but say it can’t be, not you Esau, there after as reality sunk in on confirmation that the news of your passing is true our hearts sunk even more. If anyone that never got the chance to know you should ever ask what type of person you were the answer would be “he was the best kind of person”. As we all reflected on the memories we have with you and of you it became even more sad because none of us can say nor remember ever a moment when you did not try to put a smile on someone else’s face or to make someone else laugh or when you were ever out of character regardless your own personal issues you had , you were always trying to make everyone else happy. And as we look back now we see that you were not only our friend you were and angel Esau. If we look at the different paths that everyone chose, how we all changed as we grew older one thing stayed the same and that was the beautiful heart you had my friend.

Growing up in Ocean View was never easy, as the social ills grew, with drugs, gang violence and so many ill paths of choice, you remained the same, you never strayed from the innocence in your heart, never spoke I’ll bout anyone or did any one wrong, your story to us is not one of innocence lost to the world, but one of the world losing the innocence that was you.

You will be missed dearly my friend, Rest peacefully Esau, gone but never forgotten. May your soul find the place where a pure heart like yours can call home, we might have lost a great friend, brother, and father in your passing, but in the gift which was your life and friendship we gained the privilege of saying we knew someone with a heart of gold. Love you our brother fly high.

Done by Darryn Truter