The Mother City is one of the worlds biggest tourist attractions, heres one reason why:

  • The Breathtaking Natural Beauty, with its abundance in scenic beauty and natural attractions!

Ocean View being at the very end tip of Cape Town does not oversell its name! Rich in culture, surrounded by mountains and lets not forget the Ocean View!

Have you experienced hiking trail? Here are some tips:

  1. Talk to one of the experienced hikers in Ocean View to organise an available date and time for a hike in our mountains.
  2. Create a WhatsApp group, for you and 10 buddies.
  3. Get a light backpack, bottles of water and juice; sun screen; change of clothing; multi-tool and a first-aid kit.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing, hiking boots or shoes and a sun hat.
  5. Guidelines to follow during the course of the day.