Kyle Staggie and Alazar Overmeyer also known as ‘’Sleeks” and “Woza Zakes” are both music producers, DJ’s and beat makers from Ocean View.

Sleeks and Woza Zakes

Growing up in the community of ocean view “Sleeks” and “Woza Zakes” had parents who had the love for music, so to them music was basically a part of growing up. They both had the passion for different types of music and the idea of combining music.

“The joy and happiness of making people dance and sing motivated us to look further into music, the boys said “.

They have been doing music since the early years 2012,and as the years went on they gained more interest and got motivated by the community to continue with the great work. DJ and producing has always been a norm for the boys but on a later stage decided to tap into beat making, and because of amazing feedback from the community they have been doing it ever since.

Kyle Staggie AKA Sleeks

The boys have been part of functions and small events to support the unfortunate doing everything without money and equipment, giving back to the community has always been something close to the boys’ hearts. An achievement to the boys is when people started knowing there names and when there songs started to go viral on social media, “we made records that reached over 500k views on you tube and viral sounds on Tik Tok.

Alazar Overmeyer AKA Woza Zakes

A highlight for Kyle Staggie “Sleeks” was when one of his beats got recognize by “Temple Boys” also now known as Cape Town most recognized boy group with their biggest hit “Saggies”. Staggie’s beat now feature on the new album called” Young Coloured Excellence”. Song Called Pos pos ft.Sleeks and is almost close to 1 million views. Kyle also mentions that he never keeps his beats to himself he will always try and reach out to make anything possible.

Click on the link to listen to their latest Hit with Temple Boys:

They honestly inspire themselves by just playing a role to the youth to look up to, and do better than all the negativity around them, music is one of many ways to influence and inspire, so they use that as a form of positivity in the community and other places where their music travel. Mr Thela is also an inspiration to Alazar Overmeyer “Woza Zakes”,” Because he come s from nothing and worked hard to get to big stages in the music industry, Overmeyer says”. With their music they try to make people fe el better and be the best they can be, because music can make worst enemies, best friends, it can connect to peoples emotions and change how they think.

“We try to motivate our people that we can also connect and stand together”.You can accomplish anything if you work hard and stay positive even if nobody believes in you.”

Written By: Rushan Kiel