The Khoi and San people were the first people of the Southern Africa and their history shows how
both their unity and disunity influenced actions, has on many occasions caused the decline of their
own population. I think the message is straight forward… But let’s continue to read, because we can
rewrite history and save some lives. Khoi-Khoi, also known as Khoe-Khoe (don’t say it in an
Afrikaans slang) and San (pronunciation suggest the sound as  ‘a – hu – hu – a’  on the “a”; was
known for:

Divine insight into wild life and their habitations, indigenous animals and their environments.  The
ability to research nutrients and abstract it from nature.  The ability to survive naturally waterless
(drought) and inhospitable (unfavourable results) environments, which made it a motivation to deal
with life circumstances with the same energy.  The vast knowledge of medical value and use, in
plants and herbs. They’ve cured many ailments and disease types without modern medicine being
available. Their hunting skills was top class because of their ability to tune into their surroundings,
tracking the animals in the area across the land and taking down wild life with a poisoned arrow. 
These skills suggest that the KhoiSan is a people of both intellectual and practicality. A people who
knows what they want, but also makes the same effort to go after it. Even if this meant that some
would work on supplying food, some medicine, some security and safety in their areas and some
stayed home to care for those who wasn’t fit to be out there with the essential workers (excuse the

Now let’s read the starting paragraph of this article again or maybe a 3rd time if you’re not sure.

the khoi and san people of the southern africa and their history shows how both their unity and disunity influenced actions, has on many occASIONS CAUSED THE DECLINE OF THEIR OWN POPULATION.

Our Difference was never supposed to be the reason for our Disunity. Each one knew their own skill sets, knew their intellect and importance but not being equal has caused them to disagree and those who depended on their skill, intellect and importance (of playing these parts) at the most required times. While unity meant playing your part at the needed time, when unity was supposed to transform, impact and challenge the growth of the people; our (watch me change them to us) own people died.

An insert I’d like to request is:

“We can still turn any pandemic into a paramedic (an opportunity to attend to and heal), a academic (and opportunity to learn) or we can turn it into a panic (losing control of abilities and locking down our fears).”

Somethings to consider:

How is lockdown ease treating you? Or are you also easing into doing nothing? 

  1. Are you an essential worker? Or are you essentially working? 
  2. What have you done, to save someone’s life? Or do you need saving?

Let our Difference be the Reason for our Unity.
Ricardo Herdien