Kids are Kids is celebrating their 5th year of a successful Easter egg hunt! The organisation hands out Easter Eggs to underprivileged communities such as Ocean View and Masiphumelele.

Kids are Kids urges everyone to donate Easter eggs in order for this drive to remain successful.

“When you do your shopping for your kids this year, please if you could purchase just 1 or 2 extra Easter eggs for these underprivileged children it would be greatly appreciated.” – Luke Koeries Founder of Kids are Kids

The Easter egg hunt will be taking place on the 10th April 2021, the day will be filled with fun: local car shows from Ocean View’s park of; Ocean Views Emergency Volunteer Support Unit will be having some fun with the kids and most importantly performance by Ocean View’s local community talent.

Donate!!! And set a goal to reach way more kids!

The following people will be the drop off point:

  • Luke Koeries (Ocean View)
  • Sharon West (Sun Valley)
  • Melanie Michaels Bond (Fish Hoek)
  • Emma Raisun (Simon’s Town)

For more details contact 0740 117 172