Kerwin Letsape an Ocean View artist, uses his life experiences and emotions to pave the way when creating art.

“My creativity comes from my emotional issues, build up, and my life experiences. Kerwin Lascape uses his emotions as a guide to create his art on a canvas. Art is a way of expression and freedom for Kerwin and defines the expression as being a mind and soul. “Art is an expression in itself for the mind and soul as one, I express my feelings through art”.

Kerwin Letsape has always had a passion for art, but only recently found himself in artistry.

“My whole life I’ve been doing art, in the form of drawings, but last year is when I found myself in the artistry”.

Jean Michel Basquiat art has been Kerwin’s inspiration, because he found a similarity in Jean Michel Basquiat art expression. “His style is unique and it’s a mixture of different types of art that inspired me, because of the expression and freedom of not being afraid to express the things that is supposed to be keep quit”.

Kerwin Letsape is a means to “open peoples minds to stop stereotypes in coloured communities”. He uses his art as educating our people that they have talents, and that the youth of Ocean View should be heard.

Through his art, Kerwin is making the people of Ocean View aware they have what it takes to break the free from what is holding you back, and states that there is not limit when you trust in God and work hard for what you truly want in life.      

Written By: Michaela Lamb