Some of the worst misconceptions about doing home composting are that “its too complicated”, “it will smell funny” and “its too messy” each of these may be true if you compost the wrong way! Composting the right way is actually simple!

Any gardener will benefit from adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil to grow plants well!

What is composting?

Composting is putting organic materials in a pile along with water. The pile should be turned occasionally and the beneficial bacteria will thrive! The pile will become dark, rich and soil-like product because of the high heat and break down of the raw organic materials!

Types of Composting

There are two types of composting: Cold and Hot!

Cold Composting is as simple as collecting and piling up your yard waste or taking organic materials in your trash, such as: fruits, vegetables peels, coffee grounds and eggshells. Hot Composting is a much faster process and require you to take a more active role. Four ingredients are required for fast-cooking hot compost: Nitrogen, carbon, air and water you will compost in one to three months during warm weather.

What to Compost?

  1. Fruit scraps
  2. Vegetable Scraps
  3. Coffee Grounds
  4. Eggshells
  5. Grass and plant clipping
  6. Dry Leaves
  7. Finely chopped wood and bark chips
  8. Shredded newspaper
  9. Straw
  10. Sawdust from untreated wood