On Thursday 17th December 2020, a fire broke out aroudn 3pm at the Wetlands in Masiphumelele. This fire destroyed over 1000 shacks, and nearly 4000 people were affected.

The City of Cape Town’s Fire Brigade says the cause is unknown, yet people are still spinning stories like allegedly an intoxicated person fell asleep while smoking or the electricity box was overloaded which caused a short circuit.

Those who were affected were promised: decent temporary houses; brick houses for each household; washing lines to hang their clothing after being washed; portable working toilets, working water taps and the area being changed into a decent and safe area.

Donations were given in the form of clothing, curtains, matresses, blankets, pots and pans, 2 plate stove, fuel, wood, small gas tanks, toiletries and food security.
Nearly half of the 4000 people were given temporary houses, most households entire family do not live together. Many family members just come home to wash and then have to sleep over somewhere else. Complains were raised that many of the people receiving things are people who were not affected by the fire.

The people urge the need for ID Documents, Passports and Birth Certificates to be re-done. The need for medical cards and medication, more clothing, more water stations, washing lines, electricity, proper toilets and proper housing structures. There is a huge need for a Disaster Management course to be given to avoid another outbreak like this again

Investigative Journalism done by HGG Academy Media Students:
Vionna Solomons
Hilda May
Cameron Klein
Lisa Daniels
Colleta Kanyonga
Ricky Madzvimbo
Arnold Zacharia
Simphiwe Makhanya
Abdeah Karriem
Mutheera Fortune
Caitlyn Brooks
Anela Coboza

Article Written by: Jasmine Mazwi