Sherezaan Khan is an upcoming fashion designer, who works a 9 to 5 not only teaching sewing at Pollsmoor Correctional Services but Agriculture in and around Cape Town at the mere age of 20! SHIQ Designs is only one of Sherezaan’s many talents, lets take a closer look at what she’s capable of!

SHIQ Designs was established in 2020, we’ve asked Sherezaan a few questions:

What age did you start sewing?

Sherezaan learnt how to sew at the age 10, and never found an interest in it. Later at the age of 17 years old she picked up where she left off and it quickly became one of her biggest passions!

What is your inspiration for designing?

Most of my designs are customers aspirations that i turn into a reality! I hope to start designing clothes for comfort, durability and gender neutral!

Sherezaan Khan

Sherezaan adds that she always shops at the Men’s Section because of the best variety it has to offer. “I feel like you get judged for that so I want to create a brand that you won’t be judged from the section you buy from!”

How was your first sewing experience?

I first made a bag from scrap fabric which looks so bad but a garment i actually first made wasa tracksuit pants and i was super proud like I couldn’t believe it.

Sherezaan Khan

Have you taken any courses for sewing or designing?

Sherezaan has never took any courses, her Grandmother, Ferial Richards, taught her most of what she knows and helped her through her mistakes. She adds, her second year of sewing she went for a Pattern Making Course and that is where she learnt how the garment is made from scratch.

Meet the face behind SHIQ Designs: