Could it be that the skills we develop in all relationships are exaggerated in intercultural relationships?

Is it true that we build feelings of connection with other people in general through our own specific connections to partnerships from different cultures?

Our newfound understanding of one different culture – through our peacebuilding efforts, will likely make it easier for us to relate and feel close to people from many different walks of life, not just those most like you.

The moment you begin an intercultural collaboration with like-minded youth, is the moment you start to learn about the importance of compassion and empathy. The ways that we communicate, from the volume of our voices to our concepts of personal space and gesturing, are heavily influenced by our need to help breakdown cultural barriers and collaborate to bring about positive change. And this is what our PeaceJam South African Youth Leadership Camp 21 is all about.

We are deeply humbled and thankful for our powerful engagement with our young aspiring peacebuilders under the auspices of our organization.

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