Reagan was born on the 14th of December 1987. He was the 1st born of Desiree. He was baptized by Shepherd Robyn and sealed by Apostle Van der Merwe. He attended Sunday school and was confirmed and after joined the ranks of youth.

In his toddler years he attended Sunrise Pre-School and started schooling at Kleinberg Primary and completed his school career at Ocean View High School. Reagan while being in the Youth, he loved outings and attended the services planned. He loved the outings when other areas came to play soccer then he would show off his skills as the goalkeeper. As a child growing up into his teenage years, he was very quiet individual. At the age of 13, he became acquainted with Mr. Castro – interested in motor bikes where he would sit outside and watch inward. At a later stage he was indoors and started familiarising himself with different parts of the bikes.

Reagan was a Liverpool fan as everyone knew, he would always remind others of games and scores. He was a true friend to others as one of his friends stated Genuine. He never allowed others to disrespect elderly people as he portrayed that value always of respecting others and his family. Reagan was a jewel in the eyes of his friends because he had a good personality cause his nature was respect and never rude to anyone. Reagan was a coach to the youngsters of Six Sisters and not only on the pitch but also because he would teach them manners as well to love their parents and respect them. Desiree also writes she and Reagan had a good understanding and relationship that others envied her. He always asked before taking because he knew the reason for doing that. Reagan was a healthy eater as everyone knew him for that.

As his mother, I cannot find words to express how proud I am to have raised such a beautiful soul. I can never forget what we had and will always cherish the moments spend especially when he made me angry and smiled. Reagan suffered from epilepsy which in many ways disallowed him to work but he had a way of assisting his mom and fir that she was truly grateful. To Reagans friends, Desiree is truly thankful as they expected him not for riches or earthly things but for the great individual he was. Reagan would just laugh if the conversation came up about girlfriends.

Reagan was called home by Our Heavenly Father the morning of the 20th, we extend our heartfelt condolences in this time of bereavement to Reagan’s mother Desiree, two brothers Fagan and Daniel, and his stepdad Christopher.