Written by Earl Mentor

Soe le ek op e mag met drie van my beste braase. Dite cut in four. We are laying on the bottom right corner on the B-field (soccer field) facing hungry hills/ maisonettes. Half witbrood, Een avocado, 4 pakkies fritos (barbecue flavour). Nog altyd in skool klere (kleinberg), not forgetting the grey long socks up to the knees . All four of us are in deep conversation about brands of cars. That time it was the engagement around the Ford, Nissan and Toyota vehicles that we would see all over our community, arguing about which brand is the best. All four friends are enjoying their meal (slang: dite), licking that green of the avo off our fingers. Jy wiet mos, waist not, want not. Every crumb was erased from the dite. Now you see, this was still the days where the tension amongst the Paper Boys and the HLK’s were dominant.

My four brasse and I decided to take a skarrel (brisk-walk) towards the top soccer stand where the Paper Boy territory was (behind the top soccer poles on the A-field. We stand there in admiration adoring their artwork/ graffiti that they left tagged across the concrete on the top stand of the soccer field. I see Preston surrounded by his crew, while drawing a befokte colorful artwork on one of the concrete slabs. This set Artwork is something to do with a series of cartoon characters and various styles of text (fonts). One of my friend who’s father is strict, reminds us that it’s quarter-pass late and all four of us jet from the scene. But, wait, the basketball courts now have activity. I see skaska, spt, baba, shaun hammer, taliep, jean america, bernz and the tallest bra in OV – Guru, practicing layups on the basketball court, sitting parallel to the B-fields. Shoo! How I idolised these ouens, I would sit for hours just watching SPIT shoot 3-pointers.

Back to reality, we are reminded again by one of our friends that we need to march from the scene. While exiting through the top entrance of the field (steel gate) adjacent to the electric box, we step onto Alcor Avenue, we see the NG Kerk Band in formation, practicing their drills. We jump on top of the boundary wall that separate the council park and church grounds. We then observe them for a while and intentionally disturb their focus. We are then asked to remove ourselves from the scene by Duminee Klaasen, we do so, an gather with other kids from Marine and Kleinberg in the council park. Kids on the sea-saw, kids on the jungle-jim and some girls on the tarmac playing netball. The vibrant times, the laughter, the positive energy and the closeness we experienced as a community. Damn, almost time for Captain Planet on SABC. Jet from the scene, the thought of peanut butter and jam o brown bread while watching your favourite afternoon cartoon, was something to be admired.

Them Days!