Arts Vibrations Inc II and The Ocean Times have partnered to bring back Arts into schools in Ocean View!

Arts Vibrations Inc II Bakckground:

The Organization Art Vibrations Inc II is a youth development project established in the community of Ocean View. The project has successfully been running for 32 years. Arts Vibrations Inc II has since engaged their energies on uplifting severely disadvantaged youth, creating alternatives to the realities of discrimination, violent crime, drug & alcohol-abuse, dysfunctional families, homelessness, HIV & Child headed households, gang & gun violence, GBV, physical, psychological & sexual abuse, human trafficking & other atrocities.

Creative Schools and The Latchkey program:

The Latchkey program was created specifically to give young people a safe alternative to the harrowing circumstances they are faced with before and after school. Arts Vibrations Inc II partnered with The Ocean Times to work within Ocean View’s schools namely: Kleinberg Primary and Marine Primary bringing back the programs that gives our community culture.

Arts Vibration Inc II offers Dance, Dj, Music, Vocals, Drama and sport while The Ocean Times journalism to the students during their school period. With these programs being back at schools in our community we have seen a much lighter feel around the school grounds.

Contact the Creative Executive if you’d like your child to join Arts Vibrations Inc II: