The Unknown Dance Crew consists of four professional dancers, namely: JP Koopman; Erin “Ekay” Carelse; Carlo “Crazy C” Simons and Brandon “Breezy” Silinda.

Their passion comes from always wanting to be an inspiration to the future of their community. Showing the younger generation that there is more to life than just what they see within the community & that you can become anything you want to be regardless of where you come from. The Crews passion grew even stronger when they got opportunities to perform on even bigger stages & showing the world what they really were about. Also wanting to prove to the whole industry & South Africa that Ocean View is more than just about the negative headlines you read in the media. Their mission is to make the industry turn their heads & focus on more ARTISTS from the community & not just on them, and this is where they get their passion from.

The creative process starts the moment they meet up before they go to any event. They make sure each member is positive mentally & physically, their gear is packed correctly & then they head off. At an event they always have a small team talk & motivation, they run over a last few knicks in the music / sequence then just before they get to stage, they do a little war cry called ‘Ready Break Clap’ to get them into performance mode and get on stage and kill it. The process on stage is different every time, depending on how the performance goes. Most times the crew communicates to each other through the masks while performing just to check if everything is still good, sometimes they even call out some mistakes they see a member does but most of the time, they all just have fun & enjoy putting on a good show for the crowd.

The Unknown mentions that the crew was created back in 2010, but each member has started performing at different ages.

  • JP – since 2005
  • E-Kay – since 2009
  • Carlo – since 2011
  • Breezy – since 2011

One of the crew’s biggest accomplishments they don’t really speak about is their feature in Major Lazer’s ‘Bumaye’ Music Video back in 2020.

“To have the opportunity to be part of such a big music video & have our brand & crew on an international platform was an honour to us”

What made it more of a big accomplishment for the crew was that their shots were taken in Ocean View, So the whole world got to see the community in a beautiful setting.

“We used to get inspired by big international artists when we were coming up but now, we get inspired by everyone using their art to help build the community”

Artists from the community of Ocean View such as DJ Gakkie, NizEarl, 783 Hip Hop Movement etc. These new artists, producers & rappers inspires them so  much to keep doing their thing.

Because The Unknown crew’s style is Theatrical, they love to show their people small snippets of their lives through music / mixes. Whether it’s a theme song of a local television show or even a ‘coloured’ quote they add it in, it’s all about embracing who they are & enjoying the culture of all races within the rainbow nation.

“The best advice we can give to the youth is to believe in yourself & do not let nobody tell you that no dream is impossible. Sometimes all you need is a mask to make it.”

Written By Rushan Kiel