Caleb Johnson Truter also known as Cee Roc, is a multi-talented individual. His talents ranges from producing and singing to dancing as well as painting. Being multi-talented comes with its own stumble blocks.

Being multi-talented is a blessing and a curse”

He was inspired by Youngsta CPT, Jean America who he has worked with, as well as Cheslin and the Crimson Crew. They are his local role-models and looking up to them has helped him on his journey. He has been dancing since seven years old, when rapping and producing music was only started while he was in high school. He only started singing after high school.

His favorite genre of music is R&B and Trap. What he does for his creative process is that he gets inspiration from looking at pictures, by watching dance videos and making it his own or even better, when producing music he listen to beats and songs it gives him a sense of what he wants to produce, whilst with singing and rapping he lets it flow naturally, he says it should come from the heart.

Written By: JP Davids