Remember the famous saying “it takes a village to raise a child?” Well in this case, it takes an entire community to educate each other on Covid-19 regulations.

It’s been 10 months since we first got faced with Covid-19 Pandemic and all of us are still children towards what this virus is, its implications, its seriousness and its duration. We allow our friends and family to live life as if Covid-19 is not real. The worst type of ignorance you can get is the thought that this only affects certain people!

We need to face the facts! Covid-19 is heading close to home and it is time we take it serious!

The numbers are rising! More importantly the numbers are turning into names of people we know and love. Why do we as people wait for a second wave or a funeral of a loved one as an eye opener?

It takes a village! Remind people to stand 1.5metres apart, tell people to wear their mask correctly, ensure everyone around you knows anybody can get affected. Tell not to be ashamed of having Covid-19, just take responsibility, isolate, medicate and remain optimistic. Most importantly if you feeling sick, please tell the people you were in contact with.

Be safe, stay home and follow the rules.