Done by the Simon’s Town Museum

The Simon’s Town Museum Phoenix Committee and South African History Online presents the Albert Thomas Oral History Project.

This project aims to bring together residents who were forced out of Simon’s Town and Noordhoek under the Group Areas Act to tell their story. The Simon’s Town Museum Phoenix Committee seek’s to remember the communities that lived in Simon’s Town and Noordhoek through the collection of stories in the form of voice notes via WhatsApp.

Your story will become part of an archive for younger generations to understand and educate themselves. The Phoenix Ambassadors who will be leading this campaign will be posting weekly with a question/ thought that you can respond to via The Phoenix WhatsApp line.

The Simon’s Town Museum Phoenix Committee hopes through sharing understanding, they make a difference in communities by sharing stories and skills. No story will be made available on any public platform unless you provide your consent to do so. No monetary benefits will be derived from your story.

For more information contact The Simon’s Town Museum on: 021 786 3046