The South African Institute for Entrepreneurship (SAIE) helps to address poverty and unemployment through entrepreneurially focused initiatives. The SAIE responds to South Africa’s critical need for sustainable jobs creation by promoting positive mindset in youth and adults, as well as assisting in the creation of effective entrepreneurs and enterprises.

The organization develops innovative (experiential-based) training materials that utilize original, creative methodologies and trains entrepreneurs, co-operatives as well as school learners and teachers to convey business skills, uncover entrepreneurship qualities and ensure sustainable economic development and wealth creation.

Over 24 years of its existence, the SAIE has made significant impact across its five main programme sectors: Education, Agriculture, Enterprise Development, Information Technology, and Life Skills.


Objective: To develop entrepreneurial mindsets in learners by empowering teachers and providing innovative materials to facilitate entrepreneurial learning, so that learners develop entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes at school level for them to be equipped to become economically active.


Objective: To develop entrepreneurial mindsets and agri-business skills in emerging farmers, so that all participants create and contribute to employment opportunities and help to build a sustainable agriculture sector in SA.


Objective: to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and business skills in survivalists, start-up or potential business people or emerging businesses, so that individuals become successful business people who can identify and seize supply-chain opportunities.


Objective: To develop entrepreneurial mindsets and information technology skills for survivalists, start-ups or potential business people, so that individuals, communities and businesses can be more effective because they use appropriate information technology skills and tools.


Young people are equipped with Life and Work Skills to make better life choices or decisions for themselves, become productive members of society, make firm commitment to life goals and be ready for the world of work.

The programme is ideal for young people with interest in developing competencies required to tackle 21st century socioeconomic challenges – unemployment, HIV and Aids, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and others.

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