My journey started in a deli at Pick and Pay. On my first day I was shy and a bit apprehensive. Fast-forward 5 years and I made the decision that I want to become a chef, so I resigned an enrolled at False Bay College where I can now add chef to my resume. I then started to work at a catering company but although grateful for the opportunity something kept niggling at the back of my mind, I had always wanted to own my own catering company, but all I could do was cook. I had no business experience at all. That’s when my journey started with SAIE (South African Institute for Entrepreneurship).”

In June of 2015 I started my New Venture learner ship at The South African Institute for Entrepreneurship and I was determined to fulfil my dream. After discussing my dream with the helpful team at SAIE I was encouraged to open my business while doing the learner ship and apply the skills I learn as I go along, I would have hands-on mentorship while learning and growing my business at the same time.

I opened Connien Catering and Projects on 26th July 2025 and can proudly say that we celebrated our 3-year milestone on 26 July 2018. My year at SAIE has taken me through and entrepreneurial journey to fulfill my dream and I am extremely grateful.”

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