Done by: Lurika Fisher

What is an UTI?

A UTi is more commonly known as a bladder infection when it actually involves the hole urinary tract system. A UTI is an infection in the urinary tract which exists of the bladder, urethra and in severe cases, the kidneys. Most common infections are in the bladder and urethra, the more serious infection spreads to the kidneys.

The UTI is spread due to spread of bacteria.How does this bacteria spread?

It occurs when the bacteria from gut, enters the urinary tract through the urethra making it’s way into the bladder.  This can occur by simply wiping your bottom or having sex. 

Will a UTI go away on its own?

In some mild cases the body can resolve the infection by itself but in some cases it can be risky to not treat a confirmed UTI  with antibiotics.

What are the symptoms that you need to look out for in cases of an UTI?

The most common symptoms is the burning sensation and pain when urinating. U may also experience the strange urge to urinate more frequently then normal or feel like your bladder is full and then to discover it’s only a few drops when you relieve yourself. Pain. The irritation can cause pain in your lower abdomen (side) or lower back. 

What treatments are available?

Medical treatment:Antibiotics.Talk to your health care provider at private practice or government facility eg. clinic  about the best treatment options for you. It is very important that you follow the antibiotic treatment course to completion because your symptoms can go away and u may start feeling better before the treatment is finished but you should continue with the treatment for the hole course because the infection can return.or if you a frequent antibiotic user, your body could become antibiotic resistant (can become use to the typical antibiotics) due to the infection adapting or becoming harder to fight or simply stopping in the middle of treatment by never completing your treatment.  

Also, if you have a history of getting UTI’s on the regular, make your health care provider aware. There could be an alternative treatment method for you. Some time a treatment plan can be arranged to have you start treatment as soon as the symptoms occur or a special treatment for after sexual intercourse to prevent infection if that’s the cause of your frequent infections.
Home remedies for UTI’s are more focused on personal hygiene and prevention methods of UTI’s.

Drink alot of fluids: to help flush out bacteria in the urinary tract. So try to urinate frequently. Avoid drinking fluids that irritate the bladder eg. Alcohol, Citrus juices and caffeinated drinks.Can even drink Citrus soda to help with the flushing. Practice good hygiene: Especially for women, because the urethra is much shorter in women than in men, making it easier for bacteria (E.Coli)  to move from the rectum back into the body. To avoid this, always wipe from front to back:  specially during menstrual cycle, to avoid infection, try changing pads or tampons regularly, also try to stop using scented feminine products to prevent infection.Try to use a water-based lubricant during sex if experiencing vaginal dryness.Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, can help keep you dry and prevent bacteria from growing. Cotton underwear is preferred, if possible.Boost your immune system with supplements.

Say No! To bladder infections.