The vandalism of the Ocean View Organic Farm has come as a disappointing shock to the community who is working hard to uplift, empower, and evolve its residents.

“Monday mornings welcome. To the vandals. If you have given up on yourself, we will not give up. We are in it to win it. I pity you.” – Sophia Grodes

Ocean View Organic Farm has volunteer sessions on Wednesdays to show our community how to sustain a living by growing your very own stock. Educate the next person to know that if you have nothing, taking from someone is wrong! Theft is one of the biggest crimes our community faces and the sad reality is that poor people steal from poor people. Stealing is lazy and weak-minded. Growing your potential takes dedication, self-respect, and unity.

Let us, as a community, help the next family where we can and most importantly encourage the next to become something better than what they were told to become or what they’ve been limited to believe they could. We need more people to stand in their power and tell people what is wrong and right. USE YOUR VOICE!

It is time for a change. It is time to stop ignoring our harsh reality and start working at it for a better tomorrow!

To have a pot of gold like the Ocean View Organic Farm vandalised is like stealing from your very own mother.

Done by Jasmine Mazwi