Ricardo Simon

What does music mean to you?

Music has been a part of Ricardo’s life from a very young age, which in turn makes music everything to him! When he does gigs he does not feel like his working, that much passion he holds for music, it still helps him heal from a lot of things!

Your background story, why did you start pursuing music?

Growing up with 8 siblings, in church with the gospel band. At the time its was his near family playing in church, and they inspired Ricardo since young to be interested and stay involved with music, gospel and church! It all started in church, when his cousin asked him if he’d like to play and with no hesitation he started playing, having the support of his family his father bought his very first drum kit when he was 16 years old. His musical background is all based and started in church!

Walk us through your music journey?

Its been a good journey, with its ups and downs, with the constant question if he still wants to do this. Even nearly walked away from his career, when doors closed or awaiting answers! But because its Ricardo’s passion, he always tends to go back to music.

Musical journey started when he played drums in church, then from 19 years old he was doing gigs in pubs, clubs and restaurant. And not too long after this his singing career started which stems from church too. Having his entire family musically inclined it was easy for him to be confident enough to stand on his own and record a song or an album. Ricardo and his sister started writing their own music, where they would record albums and perform to keep the masses inspired!

Mention an experience or performance you hold near to your heart?

Ricardo lost his sister 13 years ago, and he holds all those memories of singing without a care with no law!! These moments with his family were priceless

What are some of the obstacles you face as an artist?

Disappointment where people make empty promises, but he realised quickly its an endless story. Ricardo has learnt never to depend on flesh, he always puts his hope and trust in God in whatever he does, and encourages everyone to follow his example. Ricardo made a point where he said people do not understand the amount of work artists out into a performance, a  gig or a song and urges artist should be celebrated!

What are some of the best valuable lessons you’ve learnt along this journey?

To have patience!!! With everything in the music industry, nothing happens overnight!

Do you perform alone or in a group if yes mention their names?

Ricardo is playing in 2 bands, while running his solo gospel career too.

 GKD, the band, Ricardo is the drummer, Desmond Blake is on the keyboard. Christian Webb is on the Bass Guitar, and lead guitar and Vocalist is Brandon Baartman.

Nosa’s Band, I play the drums too and back up vocalist, Nosa is the lead vocalist, Bassi Guitar is played by Gershwin, and keyboard is Ryan and guitarist is Dan.

“We all living in difficult times, but if you want to do music make sure you are anchored in the Lord, your maker, and make sure you have enough patience because nothing happens overnight! The one thing you need make sure of as an artist is to equip yourself with perseverance, consistency and patience!”

Ricardo Simon – A message to the youth!