Fleeqy Dlamini’s live performace at CTV

Phindile Dlamini also known as FleeQy


When did you start pursuing music?

FleeQy started pursuing music in 2018, which is quite recent but she still feels like shes been doing this for quite some time! Always been interested in music, the passion for music started years back but the writing and recording started in 2018.

Give us your background in music on why you started?

FleeQy always had a passion for music just never created it herself, her fondness for poetry and literature is the reason why she started! All of it plays a big role in why she fell in love with Hip Hop!

Describe the type of music you do?

Her music is much more versatile than before, the normal music you jam to and puts you in a good mood! Recently her music stems from emotion, core feelings which is a relatable art!

What is the passion behind your song writing?

Depends on the way Fleeqy feels when she is writing that specific song!

Have you ever performed your songs live if yes, do you have a ritual before you perform?

She has performed live before! Because she does not have a ritual she focuses her minutes before entering the stage on her breaths! She knows how it feels to rap in front of a live audience therefore calmness is her only state of mind!

Are you working or does your music pay the bills and what type of work do you do?

Fleeqy is a transcriptionist, where her duty is to transcribe different types of audios such as meetings, interviews anything that needs subtitles. Lucky for her it’s a work from home position giving her plenty time to focus on her music and make the money she needs to support it!

What do you want to achieve in a years time?

I want to achieve SO MUCH!!! Overall Goal, would be for her music career to take off and although she is patient and aware that these things takes time. In a years time she sees herself gaining a bigger fan base, and growing as an artist and as an individual!

Give an international and national artist you would love to perform with and why?

Doechii!! Fleeqy loves everything about her! Her creative ideas, the way she delivers her music!

Where can people find and download your music?

Soundcloud – Fleeqy

And any streaming social platforms you would find her features and singles!

Message to your younger self!

Do not be so hard on yourself! When she started doing music she always set herself out to be perfect, wondering if people would like her music. She found herself making music for other people to see if they would like it first when she quickly found out she needs to do music for herself the way she wants to!