Music is the art of combining form, harmony, melody, rhythm and other expressive elements with sound. It is an art of sound that expresses ideas and emotion through melodies.

Music affects every aspect of our lives, controls our moods, and uplifts people who are listening. It improves our disposition, creates excitement , or soothes the listener, It enables us to experience every feeling that we go through in life.

Music is an expression of emotion; thus artists are exhibiting their vulnerabilities. And through this, us as listeners relates to these lyrics on a personal level, and in turn this makes us feel heard in our unspoken cries for help!

Take a listen to Ocean View Local Band: Oceans Riff

People define music differently: may it be that music may be a form of expressing themselves in a way that simply speaking cannot or to find comfort in the melodious tones presented by music. To many people music is utilized as an escape from reality or merely as a distraction from their busy lives. Music could represent freedom or a rebellion while some find music to be calming to the soul as well as using it as a coping mechanism. TO many, its about the relatability of the lyrics that aids people to escape from their responsibilities. And to all, Music is a form of therapy!

Written By Davina-Lee Thompson