Allergies occurs when a person’s body become hypersensitive or aware of a certain substance, that’s entering in the body, touched a person skin or that’s just in the atmosphere or seasonal changes of the environment. It sets of a reaction from the body immune system when it reacts to a foreign substance that the body sees as harmful.

These foreign substances are called triggers and can be known as anything, and the reaction can be from mild to severe.

These triggers can be harmless to other people but to some of us, it can be life threatening.

Common triggers are:
Animal dander from dust mites or cockroaches,
Insects stings from bees and mosquitoes.
Medications such as penicillin and sulfa.
Food products such as wheat, nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish.
Environmental from mold and dust.
Specific plants such as poison ivy or oak.
And other products as Latex.

What happens is, the immune systems job is to fighting off harmful substances. The immune system sees these triggers as harmful as some other people’s body’s dont, and attacks the trigger leading to an allergic reaction.

What are the signs of an allergic reaction?
Most common signs are swelling and itchiness.

The signs range from mild so severe.
Food allergy. Swelling, hives or tingling in the mouth and throat.
Seasonal allergies. Congestion, runny nose, swollen eyes.
Skin allergies. Rashes (irritated,red,swollen,painful,itchy skin patches)
Severe allergies. Anaphylaxis (Narrowing airway,difficulty breathing,swollen tongue and mouth, lightheartedness and loss of consciousness.)

What can be done to ease the reaction of allergies?
In mild cases,
As there is no way to prevent allergic reactions but you can try to avoid or stay away from your triggers.
Food allergies. Can do label checks for grocery and when eating out ask for allergen friendly dishes.
Environmental allergens can pay close attention to home environment by preventing dust settling or mold formation in the house. Keep house ventilated.
For seasonal allergens there are natural treatment options for using of essential oils and herb, dried teas to boost immune system.
For Medication, animal or other allergens to wear a allergy bracelet.

Speak to a doctor for there are symptomatic relief medications available such as antihistamines and painkillers to help control allergies on a daily basis.

Also, all severe allergies persons should also invest in getting a allergent bracelet, and speak to doctor about carrying a epi-pen and get the correct medical health and safety guidelines for how to use it and when to use it in case of an emergency.