Sinusitis is a condition whereby the cavities (the muscles around the nose) become inflamed due to infection.
So… the infection causes you to have a runny nose and then you will blow your nose more often causing mucus, (which will be clear to yellow or green colour) will know run down nasal passage, pass the nose and down the back of your throat, causing a tickle effect because the nose is congested or blocked by the swollen cavities.

Sinusitis can be a trigger by a cold or an allergies. It can resolve on its own or it can become worse.

Sinusitis symptoms are very common to this of the cold or allergies, so its easily confused.

Symptoms for sinusitis are:
Facial- pain, tenderness and swelling around eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead.
Runny nose or post nasal drip( mucus running down the back of your throat)
Nasal congestion and obstruction (that causes difficulty breathing through the nose).
Loss of taste and smell

What causes sinusitis?
Some Viral infections such as a cold or an allergic reaction
Environmental factors such as seasonal changes
Or inflamed ENT systems (ear, nose, and throat)

What treatments are available?
At home:
Keep hydrated, drink hot fluids like soups and natural teas.
Can breath in steam from a hot pot of water.
Saline nose rinses. Rinse your nasalbpassge with salt and water mixture.
Get some rest.

Medication for symptoms relief, especially a anti-inflammatory eg. Brufen and panado.
Get a Nasal spray
And antibiotics if needed.

Stay safe.

Done by Lurika Fisher