Done by: Lurika Fisher

Epilepsy and Seizures
Epilepsy is a chronic condition that is very serious and link to the brain in more ways then one and does play a role on ones mental state. It is also linked to depression and self awareness.
It may be explained as clinical condition but it a mental adjustment aswell.
Let’s be kind and sensitive towards all conditions.
Both physical and mental conditions are real ❤

Epilepsy and Seizures

Is seizures and epilepsy the same thing?

A seizure is single occurance, of a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain.
Where as epilepsy is a chronic condition that is characterized by more than 1 seizure.
Epilepsy may also occur as an genetic disorder.

There are in short 2 main types of seizures.
Generalized or stronger seizures affect the whole brain and can cause:
Blank staring
loss of consciousness, confusion,
Loss of bladder and bowel control
memory problems aswell as muscle stiffness and twitching movements,
and can last for minutes at a time.

Focal or mild seizures affects a part of the brain and can cause:
loss of senses,
tingling sensation of the limbs
and last for few seconds to minutes.

What causes a person to have a seizure?
Many triggering factors such as:
a very high fever
Low blood sugar
Drug or alcohol withdrawal. A stroke
Brain infections, tumor, scarring, lack of oxygen, head injury.

Is there a way of preventing a seizure? Or knowing it’s coming?
Some persons have reported feeling a seizure coming. Through getting strange smells or metalical tastes in the mouth or simply having a strange out of body sensations.

What are some triggering factors for seizures?
Yes, lack of sleep leaves the brain vulnerable.
Illness and fevers
alcohol, medication,drugs

And most common triggers are: bright lights, flashing lights and patterns

How can you help a perosn person that’s having a seizure?

When u see a person having a seizure, please clear the area and call for help.
Clear any sharp or harmful objects out the way.
Dont try to hold the person down or stop the movements.
Turn the person on their side to keep the airway clear.
Can place a substitute pillow under the head.
Keep time of how long the seizure is
and dont put anything in their mouths.

After the seizure the person may be confused and feel very sleepy, resting can help them recover quicker.

Treatment options available for epilepsy
Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that can affect many parts if your life and the fact that there is no cure can be stressful.
It can be successfully managed with medications and support strategies.
Keep a seizure diary. To help yourself and the doctor identify triggers and come up with a suitable treatment option for yourself.

In the diary u can capture the following questions relating to your seizures:
Dates and times?
What activity you were involved in when it occurred?
What was happening in your surroundings at that moment?
If u experienced any strange senses?
If you experienced any stressors at that moment?
When last you ate?
And if you felt tired and how well you slept the night before?
Where a medical alert bracelet
Join a support group
Find effective stress management strategies
Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and keep fit.
Speak to doctor about anticonvulsant and antidepressant medication options.

Stay safe.