The 1st Ocean Times cancer colour walk was a huge success, thanks to our loyal followers! We couldn’t have done it without your support and spirited attendance.

Dressed up in our pink attire, we marched confidently from the Entrance of Ocean View to the Maranatha Church. There, we had a program packed with entertainment and educational talks. The profound inspiration came pouring from speakers including Crystal, who gave a heartwarming testimony with a few spontaneous speakers taking to stage as well.

1000 Women 1 Voice’s Matilda gave us informative insight on Gender-Based Violence, highlighting the importance of both men and woman taking responsibility for the fight against the scourge. Entertaining us throughout the event were Nithaam and Ricardo, serenading us with their beautiful voices; while our young spiritual dancers blew the audience away- you girls were amazing!

Blessings and special appreciation shout-outs go to our sponsors and donations from

  • Maranatha Ocean View Church for their beautiful venue and for ensuring adherence to strict Covid-19 rules and regulations.
  • Sharon and the Walking Bus for the crucial work they do and for making it fun.. not forgetting the supply of vibrant colours!
  • In2foods for their generous donation of tasty parcels.
  • The Pagel family for organizing the church and groups of people of Steenberg
  • The Mosque for the refreshments
  • The Mazwi Family for the flowers and delivery service

Most importantly… everyone who contributed to, supported, and attended our event!

Our raffle WINNER Mildren, all the way from Steenberg, walked away with:

  • 1 Wonderbag
  • 1 Spring Box from the Organic Farm
  • 2 vouchers from Jackys Catering
  • 1 voucher from I’ve Cream Silo at Imhoff Gift
  • 3 sets of earrings from #manywater
  • A goodie bag

Stay tuned for our next big giveaway!!!

One of the purposes of the march was to create awareness around what the leading party in the Western Cape has really been doing to our People. The Democratic Alliance (DA) overlooks us all the time, with jobs and with housing opportunities. Masiphumelele, for example, who got R85 million rand to build beautiful flats in their community, also received R20 million for their taxi rank and approximately R30 million for their fire station. This is besides the first set of flats that went up in Masiphumelele. Masiphumelele and Redhill even got a school in Ocean View- on land that was supposed to be for housing.

Please do not get me wrong, I am extremely happy for Masiphumelele and for what they are getting. But, I have personally begged both our ward councilors to do something about our clinic, where our babies and elderly must stand in the rain during winter. But, again, Ocean View’s cries fall on deaf ears. All I am saying is, what about Ocean View? I would like to pose this question: as a resident in Ocean View, do you feel this is fair? Do u feel Ocean View is getting better or worse? It is sad that our community seems to be getting worse every year. Driving past the Dido Valley project and finding out what is going to happen, I think, was the last straw for me. I can no longer sit back and watch our people be overlooked by all spheres of government. The councilors have been holding meetings in secret with the residents of Redhill- about the land our Parents were thrown off. Why was that done? When we confronted them, they lied as False Bay Echo proved in last week’s paper. DA said that it was national government that oversaw the distribution of land to people, when in fact it was the City of Cape Town.

The march was to stand up against the injustice to our people. Ocean View is a rich 52 years old- one of the oldest coloured communities in the Western Cape. Yet, we are the most underdeveloped. Why is that? We have people that were forced to move off the land in Dido Valley, why are they not considered? We have people on the waiting list for over 30 years, too, why were they not considered by the DA? We have back yard Dwellers in almost every house in Ocean View. We wanted to hand the memorandum to the mayor, but he did not show up and instead sent the councilor. Among the demands in the memorandum, was a request that all building stops on that land until the matter is resolved either by the DA or by the courts. We had also requested a meeting with the mayor and presidency within 20 calendar days of the march. Our next course of action will depend on the response of the DA!

A big thank you to The Ocean Times Team for this initiative
Jasmine Mazwi
Lurika Fisher

Stay tuned for the next one!

Done by Aslam Richard