We started playing in the year 1998 which was 22years ago.

My biggest inspiration in sports is Francois Wessels our coach he’s been there from the beginning and been running badminton ocean alone up until today. Badminton has become a lifestyle it’s because we were some of the first crops of players that represented western province from our community.

I’ve has the opportunity to represent our country from junior level to senior level, also played throughout Africa from a very young age trained and played in Europe and Asia the journey had it’s up and downs we all know the challenges that we face in our community ” peer pressure ” and is one of the first players to represent our county at a senior level also came with its own challenges it was like stepping into the unknown it took a lot I hard work and dedication but sport played a big part in the person that I’ve become.

I’ve also obtained my badminton world federation level 1 certificate which makes me eligible to start coaching at a higher level now which is good my plan is to help Francois to revive badminton again because we have a lot of good players that have the ability to represent our country one day and even go further.

Tarryn Jacobs started playing badminton at the age of 11, has been playing for 11 years, and is only the young age of 22 years old this year. Well, Serena Williams , she’s an international tennis player, however, her quality of play and the tactics she has used up till today to be as successful as she is was & will always be a daily inspiration to me. My life basically consists of 90% badminton as I’ve invested and dedicated so much of my life to it. Since I’ve reached the provincials & SA team ‘ it carries so much more value as to why it means so much to me and how much more I still need to invest to become as successful as the best players out there.

Well as I’ve mentioned previously, I have reached the Provincials & SA Team, and still is it with representing my country in Africa and also many other countries. My biggest success was obviously reaching SA as I think that’s everyone’s main goal in badminton. That way you travel the world and see more out there. It’s not just a sport, mentally it stabilizes you and physically it builds you to be a better you. It’s also a good distraction into the right way of all those wrong things and influences out there.

The biggest challenges were physical to me cause I’ve had so many injuries that have robbed me of so many opportunities. Not just that financially it was kind of hard to get me where I am currently, but I’ve worked hard and pushed myself to be where I am so I am feeling pretty solid about that.