Paul Telegram is a talented music producer with a vast background of getting hits out of Ocean View. With over 5 years of professional music producing, it is finally time to learn about the man behind PST Productions.

Why are you a music producer?

Music has always been a major part of my life. Since I’ve been born, I’ve been surrounded by a family who are all rooted and groomed within music. Majority of my cousin sing including my late mother. 90% of my uncle’s. as well as my brother are musicians, including my late father.”

How long have you been a Music Producer?

“Since the age of 9, but professionally, 5 years.”

Is there a specific music genre that speaks to you?

“Gospel has always impacted me on a dominant form. I’ve been groomed and nurtured within the house of God for all my life.”

Who are your music icons and why?

There are a lot but to mention 2: Marvin Sapp, singer, reason being all songs written and produced by him always has the relevance in how today’s life is/ Although he is a Gospel artist, yet his songs are produced in such a way of which all genres of music are covered speaking from a musician’s point of view. Nqubekho Mbatha, musician, the amount of knowledge he has and the way he produces his style of playing, is an to me.”

What makes a good song?

“What makes a good song is, when you impact the listener’s life in a positive way, by what message you bring forth through your song.”

Explain your beatmaking process?

“Beatmaking has became a part of my producing for the past 2 years of being a producer professionally. I believe that producing a beat is not just making a beat for the fun there of, it is a feeling you creating within a song, to create joy and motion within the listener’s spirit. Creating the beat for a song is usually the one element which takes the most of my production process, because I believe that the beat, is the foundation of the song.”

Which instruments do you play?

” Piano and Bass Gutar”

How familiar are you with audio equipment and software?

“I am quite familiar with a few tech as well as software, but the process of learning never stops. Each day I discover something new.”

Who are some of the artists you have worked with?

“Mahalia Buchanan, Marvin Sapp, Todd Delaney, Jonathan Rubain, Morgan Dennison, Sharon Brink, Ricardo Herdien, Jasmine Mazwi, Earl Mentor, RnC, Kyle McCregor, Bella, Charlene Koopman to name a few…”

An inspiring message for any youth aspiring to become music producers?

“Within music there are a lot of challenges. What I can guarantee is that there willbe times where you’ll feel to give up, especially when an artist constantly tell you that they are not satisfied with a product which you produced, without knowing the time and effort you’ve put in, but always keep your eye on the prize and always be positive.”

“An achievement never come on a silver platter. Working towards greatness is painful, but the reward is worth it.”