Name, Nickname and Age

“Brandon, also known as Breezy, 24 years old.”

When you were young, what was your first dream job?

“An electrician, observed my step-dad, driven to study at False Bay.”

What stood between you and this dream?

“Stood infront of college and reflected to how far my dancing career would take me.”

Tell us about your first dance memory?

“Astroid, someone looked after him, Good Hope FM, played the song “It’s getting hot in here” his first dance memory. “

Who approached you first from the Unknown Crew and what age were you when you started affiliating with this dance Crew?

“JP asked to join the Unknown.”

What does dance mean to you?

“My body moves to any music I hear.”

What is Unknown Dance Crews secret recipe?

“Friendship, Uncle Errol said we should be dancing and be friends first! The friendship compliments our dancing!”

Advice to your younger self!!!

“Just do what makes you happy even if its small things, stay true and believe in yourself.”