Name, Nickname and Age?

Erin Also Known As EKay, 26 years old

When you were young, what was your first dream?

“Computer Technician”

What stood between you and your dream?

“Nothing stood between my career I persuade it. Balancing, great strength.”

Tell us about your first dance memory?

“Solo Act, Grade 5 my favourite song of Michael Jackson the beat moved me, I was shaking, blanking out just heard applause, no regrets I had to quit my job to do the show.”

Who approached you first from the Unknown Crew and what age were you when you started affiliating with this dance Crew?

“I started with the Unknown Dance Crew, I named it the Unknown, needed someone for a mix and that’s when I met JP and mixed it all together.|

What does dance mean to you?

“Dance is an escape, language, zone and state of mind, music makes me happy, music guides me through everything in life, music gives me advice that nobody could.”

What is Unknown Dance Crews secret recipe?

“My brothers are my family.”

Advice to your younger self!!!

“Hang in there, don’t give up.”