“I was raised in Aniston Kassiesbaai since 5 years old by my mother’s mother under strict church rules my granny was the mother of her town and helped every one she could…”

I was born at Grooteschuur hospital, daughter of Thomas & Louise fritz .’I was raised in Aniston Kassiesbaai since 5 years old by my mother’s mother under strict church rules my granny was the mother of her town and helped everyone she could, I returned to Cape Town when I was 9″ being the prime ages of my life that I can remember “my upbringing was rough with parents who were influenced under drugs most of my life up until now, when I was 12 I joined the new apostolic church ” me being the only person in my house going to church …living with my parents and 2 siblings my brother & sister. My mom worked as a domestic worker, at 14 I had to leave school & start a new job in a ‘ my parents couldn’t afford my school fees .my first job at 14 was at compass bakery and paid for my own confirmation party at church, at 15 I started working in Noordhoek ‘Monkey Valley Resort as a dishwasher, in 2 weeks I was peeling onions in the kitchen and I ended up working as a chef for 8 years,4 of them being a head chef at Timeless way Restaurant in Kalk Bay ‘which is now TriBakery ‘……. In between than I had my first child at 19, At 21 I lost my second she was a month old,….Today I’m 33 years of age, I’m a mother of 3 daughters, I have a partner the father of my kids whom I’ve been with since 14 years old. These days I work part-time as a domestic worker, when I’m at home I do dreadlocks and clothing & alterations. I’d like to have a proper salon one day, and a boutique, with that being my goal in life I’m not stopping there ‘ I’ve taken in so much over the years ” I’ve learned In life there are no limits a person can dream big and start small in my line of work I feel it is endless ‘ I can do this for many years to come and still learn more and teach others what I know best ‘.

Growing up as a child was horrible I never felt like I belonged, I learned about Rastafarians threw my oldest sister visiting on holidays at the age of 12 and my children’s father was a young Rastafarian man at that time, I became a Rastafarian after 8 years of our 19-year relationship and never looked back. I excepted my faith long before my journey began … Today I don’t regret my upbringing ‘ it has tougher me GREAT! lessons in life, I live a good life as a Rasta, feeling free being part of nature and being close to Godliness, I have a partner who supports me fully and who is also able to live out his dreams of creating beautiful wonders from the earth.

There are many challenges, but I’m not the type to give up or put myself down! My passion and hobbies are what make me who I am today. I lost my mother & sister to drugs recently ” I didn’t mourn cause I felt I understood what’s happening in my life and why God chose me from a young age, why he has put me through these battles all my life “so that I can become the women I am today, My life revolves around my family and my passion . My father taught me how to draw over things in books when I was just 5 and I started hand sewing in grade 3 at Kleinberg primary and got my first sewing machine at 15 from my mother’s employer,” I started making clothes for fun and never stopped since then, as I grew up working and still living with my parents for years I had to be responsible for a lot of things, I still managed to rise above my expectations. I make all types of clothing I like to design my own clothes and things I do, I’m self-trained and my head is always full of new ideas I just look at a piece of material then I c the picture in my head. I like to blend in with modern …..I do upholstery, I can make shoes, I love art, I can cook and bake up a storm, I like designing my own things, I would love to open a workshop for women and children to find their passion . The Rasta belief is that women should be covered up, like the modern Muslim women for instance, and men should wear garments and turbans, head scarfs In Rasta we have different types of groups of Rastafarians we are a diverse culture, and these days the world has changed a lot so fast that we ‘ the generation of today have no choice to either adapt to new things and prosper in our journey to fulfill our works on this earth or stay in old times and feeling trapped in a society that doesn’t exist anymore, we are just trying to live out our lives according to our own beliefs, and to embrace new things in life.

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