First Aid means emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained. The importance of First Aid is hard to overestimate. The largest benefits of First Aid are: It allows those trained with the potentially life saving ability to assist an injured or ill person during a variety of emergency situations.

Benefits of first aid training for employers

1. Faster response during an emergency

In the event of an emergency, a fast employee response can save lives. Employees trained in first aid will understand the steps to take during an emergency, thanks to increased confidence and preparation. A quick response can reduce recovery time, leading to less time lost from injuries.

2. Reduce workplace accidents through awareness

First aid training helps employees learn to be more conscious of safety in the workplace, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. Minimizing risk to workers and decreasing workplace incidents is a benefit to everyone, but for employers, it has implications within all aspects of business operations. Safety training and increased awareness will have life-saving results for your organization.

3. A more positive work environment

By making first aid training available to employees, employers can show their workforce that they care about providing a safe work environment. First aid training provided in the workplace can even be used as an excellent team-building exercise and morale booster.