“NGO’s were the ones servicing communities during the peaks of the pandemic, but funding is always required due to the destitute the pandemic left behind” – Alvin Castro – Creative Director Arts Vibrations.

The Western Cape Provincial Government (WCPG) allowed NGOs to submit plans for the school holidays in impoverished communities as a part of upliftment and keeping kids safe and skilled. Arts Vibrations Inc II with many other NGO’s applied and underwent certain steps to become a part of the WCPG Holiday program. Last year was the first time Arts Vibrations Inc II facilitated and hosted the Ignite Program in Ocean View, this being the second year the Ignite program is being conducted by Arts Vibrations Inc II ensured controls were put in place so that this year will be as successful as the previous Holiday Program.


Ignite means lighting up something or someone, for Arts Vibrations Inc II Ignite means lighting up pathways for Ocean View youngsters, and for the co-ordinators to see that with the darkness that they face, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This will in turn help them become confident in their skill and then pay it forward by teaching their skill to all the students.

With the circumstances happening within Ocean View, Arts Vibrations Inc II’s main purpose is to have Ignite become life-changing for everyone involved, even if Arts Vibrations Inc 2 can only give the students 5 days to forget about the problems they have.  Arts Vibrations Inc II came up with the name Ignite to light up and make the community of Ocean View feel free.

The program is starting on the 9th of January and ends on the 13th of January with a lot of focus on sporting activities such as basketball, soccer, and netball where the kids will be taught various skills regarding the sports they do. Throughout the Ignite Program tournaments will take place, as well as different art forms such as creating new name boards for some of the Flats of Ocean View, in addition to dance, break dance, Hip Hop dancing, vocals, music, journalism (Writing, interview’s and photography)


  • Keeping Ocean View kids safe and entertained during the school holidays.
  • Creating jobs as a form of internship for unemployed youth for the duration of Ignite which is 5 days.


  • By visiting the event and supporting the kids participating in various events will show the kids what community support, as well as community, is.
  • Arts Vibrations Inc II will empower people for them to empower themselves.
  • Teaching the youth teamwork and specific skills thereby showing the community that change begins with us.
  • Working and partnering with organizations in Ocean View such as the neighbourhood watch who is part of security for the Ignite Program and The Ocean Times which is covering the event from the 9th of January to the 13th of January 2023 etc. Arts Vibrations Inc 2 will be highlighting small businesses and creating a platform for their businesses.
  • The massive task of Feeding 500 kids