On 12 July 2021 The City Of Cape Town’s Urban Agriculture Training Programme commenced where over 700 Urban Farmers from different areas will be continuing their agricultural training!

Looking at statistics, Cape Town still has the lowest expanded unemployment rate of all metros at 24.8%, with the added pressure that food security is one of the biggest issues in and around Cape Town. The best foot to put forward, is to not just give people people food but to equip them with the knowledge to be able to grow their own food in their backyard!

The City of Cape Town has sub-contracted South African Institute for Entrepreneurship as its trainer for the Urban Agriculture Training Programme. SAIE has now developed an appropriate and tested agriculture specific training programme called the Agri Planner, to supplement the best simulation and interactive training.

The Agri Planner helps emerging growers and farmers go beyond the practicalities of merely growing produce! Its all about working out a plan of What to do and When to do it. Growers learn how to get the most productive use out of their land, as well as, how much money their land could produce for them.

Facilitators go into communities and train potential urban farmers in the comfort of their homes, where they receive training, a small demonstration showing the urban farmers the correct way how to plant sufficiently and at the end of training the urban farmers receive the following: 1 garden rake, 1 garden spade, 1 bag of compost, 1 watering can and seedlings to create their own garden!

“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

English Proverb

The meaning of this proverb is that, if you really want to help someone, you should not just do it by completing the things for them. With this project The City Of Cape Town is sustaining over 700 people with the knowledge on how to sustain a living in this trying times!