Reagan Rubain is a mosaic and 3D artist, who specializes in using tiles and glass. Reagan He is very resourceful with creating art out of waste materials and to top it off, received a scholarship to study at The Spier Arts Academy School of Mosaic.

Reagan Rubain has a natural love for his community and this motivates him to use his talent to give back. Look at his latest work:

“Wow what a Journey! Almost 2 months of pure pain. Thankyou to my apprentice installers lol. But what really pulled at my heart strings was how the so called “skollies” watched us all day and was trully inspired, giving us support and words of kindness all day. Made me think of how I can give them an alternative, if the people in power actually stop giving our people brooms and start investing in our people. And special thanks to the Queen who made this possible Lucretia Splinters.” – Posted by Reagan Rubain on Facebook

Reagan Rubain